Transcript below!

Panel 1: The sepia tone has persisted; this is Back Then. A more masculine looking Alice is in fencing gear, opposite a younger, still-alive Brandy Waterfield.
ALICE: We’re far enough along that you can do basic techniques without a mask.
Alice (con’t): In costume, there won’t be much protection. We should start getting you ready.
BRANDY: You’re the boss, [CENSORED.]
Panel 2: Brandy affixes her goggles as she talks.
ALICE (off): Technically, the Wizard is the boss.
BRANDY: Why does everyone call him that?
ALICE (off): The hat.
Panel 3: Then-Alice and then-Brandy cross swords. Then-Alice has a bit of a roguish grin.
ALICE: Okay, no surprises. This is not a battle –
BRANDY: “Right, it’s a dance that looks like a battle.
Panel 4: Alice and Brandy begin the rehearsal, with Alice making a dramatic overhead sweep that Brandy ducks.
ALICE: My God! One of you actually listened to that speech I gave.
BRANDY: Didn’t want to get hurt!
BRANDY: Or worse, hurt someone else.
Panel 5: Alice casually parries a lunge from Brandy as they talk.
ALICE: You’re doing fine.
BRANDY: (Thanks.)
BRANDY: How’d you get into stunt work?