Chapter Two of BRAND ECHO begins!

Transcript below.

Panel 1: an exterior shot of a building jutting out of the cityscape: DUST MEDIA emblazoned on its exterior. 
Panel 2: The interior, an all but empty office with one person sleeping at her desk.
Panel 3: Closer on this woman’s desk, full of toys and dolls, and her computer is blaring a user error.
Panel 4: She wakes up; she’s a fat Korean-American woman with square glasses.
Woman: {hwuh}
Panel 5: Close on her face, as she acts surprised at what’s come up on her computer. 
Woman: … Alice Ackerman?
Panel 6: Now we see what she sees, a consumer profile for Alice Ackerman. Alice is goofing a bit for the camera, arching one eyebrow and smirking.
Woman: THE Alice Ackerman?