Transcript below!

Panel 1: Alice is rubbing her hand, trying to breathe some life back into it.

ALICE: It’s… fff…

ALICE: … so cold…

Panel 2: Alice thinks over what she just went through…

ALICE: What was that? Was there a –

VOICE: Sweet Dreams™

Panel 3: Alice looks around, not sure who or what is speaking.

ALICE: … a voice…?

VOICE: Sweet Dreams™

VOICE: Sweet Dreams™

VOICE: Sweet Dreams™

Panel 4: And now, the source of the voice is spotted – the cute sleepware mascot on her shirt begins to come alive, pulling itself free from her shirt. She reacts to this with horror…

VOICE: Sweet Dreams

Panel 5: … as it grows into a full-on xenomorph-like horror, before her eyes.