it’s the one


Panel 1: Alice starts to run from the Zen Cola™ monster. It’s grinning widely, as the inert people populating this place are still unreactive.

ZEN COLA: it’s the one!™

Panel 2: The Zen Cola monster rears up…

Panel 3: … and sprays a spray of Zen Cola™…

Panel 4: … which splashes all over the inert bystanders.

ZEN COLA:  it’s the one!™

ZEN COLA:  it’s the one!™

Panel 5: The bystanders begin to move, eyes glowing, possessed by the cola spray.

ZEN COLA: we are one

Panel 6: Alice starts running pell-mell away from them, truly frightened.

Bystanders:  we are one  we are one  we are one  we are one  we are one

Panel 7: Alice seems to get some distance from them…

ALICE: I am NEVER drinking that stuff AGAIN –