The Box had friends.

Transcript below!

Panel 1: A huge panel, showing that the box wasn’t alone – other monsters come to live, crawling out of the billboards that littered this landscape. Among their number include a steroid freak with pills jamed into his body (an ad for a male potency drug called Promixcua,) a supermodel whose flesh is melting who advertises for a makeup line called Atlana, and the melty form of Zen Cola.

Panel 2: Alice looks over her shoulder at the crowds of people in front of the billboards.

Alice: Where on Earth am I –

Promixcua: still the champ

Panel 3: Alice looks pissed at the sudden rush of voices.

Alice: Oh, now you people decide to –

Zen Cola: it’s the one!

Panel 4: Alice realizes it’s not the people that are talking, and her eyes widen in horror.

Alice: … speak.

Atlana: find that perfect you