A normal box in a normal street full of normal things.

Panel 1: Alice kneels, face to “face” with the package.

Panel 2: Close on the package. Above the smile-logo is the slogan of Rainforest: “We Have Everything.”

Panel 3: Alice rubs her chin, trying to figure the package out.

ALICE: Who delivers a package to the middle of a street…?

Panel 4: Alice stands, looking behind her, still puzzled.

ALICE: … huh…

Panel 5: The street has changed – now the billboards are no longer blank, but displaying more advertisements. Two of the most prominent are for a cosmetics line called Atlàna and the old familiar logo for Zen Cola™.

ATLÀNA SLOGAN: find that perfect you™

ZEN COLA™ SLOGAN: it’s the one!™