This is the end of the first half of chapter 1. We hope you’ve enjoyed the story thus far!

Transcript below.

Panel 1: Alice closes her eyes, turning off her phone, leaning it against her forehead.

ALICE You didn’t know her. None of you knew her.

ALICE You just knew the character she played.

Panel 2: Alice sets down her phone, still mad at the Bad Screen and still ranting at it.

ALICE I’m not bitter. I just want to tell my side of things.

Everything they don’t want people to know.

Panel 3: Alice looks resigned, and tired, as if she’d been fighting something that barely even feels her efforts.

ALICE But that might interrupt the flow of new Starship Scorpio

product. That’s all she is to you.

Panel 4: Alice starts to drift off, in a defeatist mood.

So we can’t have that, can we?

Panel 5: Alice tucks in, falling asleep quickly.