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Who can’t relate to being frustrated by a video game romance that doesn’t wanna work right?

Transcript below the cut!

Panel 1: Alice’s in-game avatar approaches Nebula again, as she stands at a galaxy map with Libra (a golden robot/cyborg) and Captain Wolf (if a certain dashing rogue and his certain furry heavy got into a transporter accident.) The map is evocative of Mass Effect.

ALICE: I know you’re busy, but did you want to have a meal at Portside’s?

NEBULA: Maybe we should come back to that? Perhaps later on.

Panel 2: Alice’s avatar is decked out in video game combat kit, complete with go-go checks on the helmet. She’s standing next to Nebula and Centurion Dox, a big mutant in power armor.

ALICE: You said check back later, and now it’s later, so…

NEBULA: I’m afraid that I’m swamped with work. Perhaps later on.

Panel 3: Nebula, Libra and HAPI are getting shot at in a firefight.

NEBULA: Not a good time! Perhaps later on!

Panel 4: Nebula and Alice’s avatar are on an alien planet. Alice still isn’t getting anywhere.

NEBULA: … not right now. Perhaps later on.

Panel 5: Alice’s in-game avatar is getting rebuffed again, by a more formalwear Princess Nebula.

ALICE: I know what you’re going to say, but please –

NEBULA: (interrupting) Perhaps later on.

Panel 6: Alice, sleep-deprived, is now desperate enough to turn to the Internet for help.

ALICE: {sigh} And after I swore I’d never go back to that website…