Chapter 1, Page 8. Transcript below.Panel 1: The conversation continues. Princess Nebula smiles at Alice’s avatar. Alice continues to talk via the real-time voice chat feature. In the background, a bunch of droids are coming by – one of them is HAPI, who talks via emoticons.


NEBULA: Our strike teams are important, so I take the time for each of them: you included.

NEBULA: Sorry if I’m embarrassing you, Commander….

ALICE: (to game) I don’t mind the attention.

Panel 2: A close up of Alice’s face as she talks into the controller.

NEBULA: Are you trying to advance your career?

ALICE: (to game) No. It’s just…

Panel 3: Alice looks downcast, hit with a wave of emotion she wasn’t fully expecting.

ALICE: (to game, and also, to self) (small) I like it when you talk to me.

ALICE (con’t) Just to me.

NEBULA: Oh. Well. Careful there, Field Commander Bootybounce.

Panel 4: Nebula is friendly and perhaps, just a bit flirty. Now HAPI is at her side.

NEBULA: I might think you were flirting with me.


Panel 5: Alice, tired looking, talks to the screen (which is the facing panel.)

ALICE: Would it be so bad if I did?


ALICE: Are you free later?

Panel 6: Nebula’s face is ambiguous, as is her response.

NEBULA: How about we come back to that?

NEBULA: (con’t) Perhaps later on.