Chapter 1, Page 6. Transcript below.

Panel 1: A big panel, taking up the entire page. It’s showing a TV where Alice is downloading a game, called “Starship Scorpio: The Aquarius Legacy.”

Panel 2: To the left of the central panel. Alice is miffed.

ALICE: “Take the deal.” Hmff.

Panel 3: To the right of the central panel. Alice is resigned.

ALICE: Well, you’ll probably say yes, Alice. You don’t have Dust Media money.

Panel 4: To the left of the central panel. Alice is looking across at Panel 5, holding her thumb and forefinger half an inch apart.

ALICE: But what if, you put that decision off just a little longer and went and did something really unhealthy?”

Panel 5: Alice looking across at Panel 4, shooting herself finger guns.

ALICE: That’s a great idea, Alice. I will do exactly that.

At the bottom of panel 1, at the end of the reader’s sightline, is Alice lying on the couch with a video game controller in hand.

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