Page 5 of Brand Echo. Transcript below.

Panel 1: Alice, frustrated, at the computer, still talking to Ben.

PRINCESS NEBULA: The future is ours!

Alice: Do they plan on conjuring up her ghost to testify?

Ben: They just might. I see the billboard’s still talking.

Panel 2: Alice steals a look out the window, at the billboard.

Alice: it really does sound just like her. How extensive is this… simulation?

Ben: Extensive.

Panel 3: Close on Ben, as he talks to Alice.

Ben: Dust Media’s Deepcore computer does hundreds of simulations of her, and offloads spare cycles to these networked billboards.

Ben: They’re personalized, down to subconscious tics, to the advertising profiles of those nearby.

Panel 4: Alice grabs for a remote on the floor.

Ben: Scary stuff. It’ll put us all out of business…

Alice: She wouldn’t have wanted this.

Panel 5: Alice shuts the curtains by remote, cutting off her field of view to the billboard.

Ben: Again: your word against theirs.

Panel 6: Alice looking defeated, knowing that she’s backed into a corner.

Ben: And their word is backed up by a few billion dollars more than yours. I can’t make you take the deal?

Ben: But take the deal, Alice.

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