Chapter 1, page 4. Transcript below the cut!

Panel 1: Alice is on Skype (or this world’s equivalent) talking with her agent, Ben.

BEN: Okay, Alice. Our lawyers talked with their lawyers, and they have offered a deal.

ALICE: What’s the offer?

Panel 2: A close-up of Ben’s face on the screen.

BEN: If you wait until after the new trilogy –

Panel 3: Alice gets testy, with Barry still on an even keel.

ALICE: That’s in six years!

BEN: – if you wait, and give them final approval over it?

BEN: They’ll consider letting you publish it.

Panel 4: Alice looks out her window, at the billboard of Princess Nebula. As if on cue, it shouts a catchphrase.

NEBULA: Ever onwards!

ALICE: And if I publish it now and tell them to go suck an egg?

BEN: Then, they’re going to claim that since they own the rights to the digital likeness of Brandy Waterfield…

Panel 5: A close up of Alice’s face, as she looks out the window.

BEN: … they are custodians of her legacy, and can determine on her behalf what’s defamation and what isn’t.

ALICE: That’s…

ALICE: … they just own her likeness, though….

Panel 6: A close-up of Alice’s eye. In it, we can see Princess Nebula – played by Brandy Waterfield, or a simulation thereof – reflected.

ALICE: … they don’t own her.

BEN: They’re prepared to argue they do.

BEN: It’s Dust Media, Alice. They play to win.

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